The New Complex

The geometrical construction of a complex is based on a 2 axis system, that in the same time represents its conceptual and functional existence.


The first , profane, Grid (or net) is related to the existent grid of the city of Kiryat Gat, and it is incarnating its bodily (or hardware so to speak in digital terms) functions. It contents main entrance, management offices, kitchen with service facilities, dinning room on its west wing. On the east wing it is distributed community center that has a independent entrance from the main road and it is connected directly with jeshiva.


The second, holy, Grid it is related to the city of Jerusalem and it is projecting its existence toward higher spheres. Functionally it contains a Heart of all complex – Bet Midrash.

Bet Midrash is a huge abstract space with capacity of 360 persons. Because of its spiritual importance its external walls are treated as skin of body and with the shadow game of the prefabricated pattern as a main modulo it become a generator of internal spaces. Condition of the light.


In order to give a respect to a world and a man that was created by the image of the G_D we feel obliged to create a model of building that refers to a body of Man, a cup that contains a (fallen) light.




The view from the main road shows the relation between ground floor basis that contains community center that supports abstract volume of the Bet Midrash.

It is used a traditional language of architectonical composition that gives weight to the basis and treats upper volume like body that is vanishing toward the sky.

The present elevation contains also separate entrance to the community center.


The Inner space delimited by dinning room on left, community center on the right and frontally monumental stairs that leads to the classrooms and Bet Midrash.

The Main Entrance is developing through frame that leys on the stairs. The symbolic presence of the tree (tree of knowledge) marks the concept that an entrance should be just under the tree of knowledge.



The external view of the complex emphasize the relation between the context and the new religious center. The new complex should became a reference point for the existent neighborhood and for its developing parts.


Nocturnal view, In the night the skin of the Bet Midrash reflects inside to outside.

In certain sense it restitutes its heart of knowledge, (Bet haMidrash) to the people of nearby community.


Bet haKnesset


Repeats in smaller scale the concept of the Bet Midrash and its relation with human body.

It contents about 150 people and it is designed to emphasize the participative nature of Jewish rite. It is situated on the second floor and it is connected with a bridge with a Bet haMidrash.



Bet haMidrash

Huge double volume object relates itself with its orientation to the city of Jerusalem. It can contain 360 persons or more, It is based on a symmetric plan that permits more "horizontal" participation rather then vertical hierarchy.

On the second floors there is gallery connected to the second floor of the Jeshiva. The purpose of the gallery is also to separate between the genders when the situation requires to do so.



The dormitory room


The room contains 4 beds, 2 on floor and 2 above them and it is designed for 4 students. Every student has its on desk, chair, small library, closet.

Also the room contains full equipped bathroom with double shitting place. The bathroom itself is mutual with the room next door.


Dinning room

The big dinning room is placed on a ground floor directly connected with inner cloister of the complex.

It contains cca 150 persons and it is served by the big kosher kitchen and all the facilities that provides good service.



Comfortable designed classroom contains cca 60 persons and its natural illumination keeps its conditions elevated. The middle position between right and left wing makes it quite easy accessible.

All classrooms are equipped with all necessary furniture in order to maintain regular lessons.



Placed in a underground ambient it provides mystical atmosphere of cleaning rite.

It contains regular Mikve` and instrument Mikve` and it is positioned between community center and Jeshiva in order to be served by two access, one from community center and second from Jeshiva.

mikvè (1)


Designed as a double function room it contains large number of volume books and also consultation spaces that can be transformed easily in classroom if requested. Its dimension relates to the dimension of regular classroom.


הקדישו את הלימוד
לע"נ יקיריכם