The Kiryat Gat Hesder Yeshiva

The Kiryat Gat Hesder Yeshiva belongs to the group of hesder yeshivas that combine high level Torah studies with military service. The Kiryat Gat Hesder Yeshiva was founded in Elul 5766 / September 2006, and currently boasts a student body of 60 young men. The pre-army intensive studies program prepares the young students, recent high school graduates, for military service and a new and challenging environment. In the first years of the program the students strengthen their religious beliefs and identity, which will facilitate their adjustment to the special rigors of army regime. Hesder students are drafted as a group in order to maintain a supportive and cohesive body, to help one another to blend into a new framework which is very different to the sheltered one in which they had lived until now. Following military service the young men return to the yeshiva for a period of time and continue to further strengthen themselves spiritually before going forward in their chosen life path.


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לע"נ יקיריכם