Essential Principles

Combat Units:

A central part of the educational platform emphasized is the building of a dedicated, strong and brave Torah persona. One of the most important maxims is "to serve Hashem as courageous people." Thus, students are educated to give the best of themselves, to the maximum, at every turn, and to make the most of their military service by serving in combat units whenever possible.

Exceptional/Outstanding Soldiers

The students are taught to maximize their service not only by where they serve, but how they do so. We are very pleased to note that many of our students have served exceptionally well in various units.

Modeling One's Personality Before the Army

The challenge that religious Zionist education faces is to imbue its students with solid beliefs and a strong value system, which in turn set an example to everyone. This is achieved through taking many measures and exerting much effort based on the verse "I dwell among my own people". Success in this area will ensure that the soldier will meet and face the challenges of the military also in wartime. Am Yisrael's strength is derived from within its spirit and it is in this vein that he goes to battle against the evil forces. The Kiryat Gat Hesder Yeshiva goes to great lengths to help develop the student who becomes a soldier, instilling belief and values which will be a shining example to the entire society.

Yeshiva life must allow each student to express his feelings and unique talents and capabilities. The yeshiva however is not just a place of study. It is a home where each and every person contributes his own special attributes towards building a vibrant and lively group.

"Know Hashem in all your ways and He will straighten your path"

The objective of the yeshiva is to bind and bring together the people and the actions under the pretext that to do Hashem's work we must do so together. The yeshiva is perceived not only by what goes on within but largely by how its graduates perform upon completion of their stay here. We do our utmost to ensure that a student who completes his studies will be ready and prepared to tackle whatever direction he chooses. Whether he decides to continue in the program or in a Torah environment he is well equipped to do so, or should he choose to pursue academic studies or any other occupation he will be a Torah Jew in all he undertakes and with all that implies, whatever he does. There is not the slightest contradiction or conflict between one's occupation and one's ability to live a Torah based life.


הקדישו את הלימוד
לע"נ יקיריכם